[GUIDE] How to use Fraps

What is fraps?

In simple way to describe fraps, it is a software the enable the user to take a video or screen shot of games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.

Why I need to learn using fraps?

Fraps is a very useful software, as what mentioned above.If you want to report a scam, hack, bug or cheat, use fraps. Video evidence are more substantial than ScreenShot to support a report of any illegal activities mentions. 

1. Download fraps. (Download Link: Fraps)

Download page screen

2. Install and Run fraps on your computer
3. You will found a fraps icon on the screen. Double click and you will see the fraps running

4. Click "MOVIES" or "SCREENSHOTS" to what you want to take.
5. You can change a desired hotkey (the default key is F9)  to switch on or off the capturing software.

6. Back to the game window and you can see a "yellow" numbers on the top left of the screen. Meaning that fraps is ready to take a video.

7. Press the switch key (refer to no.5) if you want to take the video. The numbers will change into red meaning fraps is now capturing a video. You can stop it by pressing again the switch key.

8.  The captured video location is on Local Disc C of your computer.
9. Open My Computer > Loca Disk C > Fraps > Movies 

10. Upload the video on YouTube or to Facebook. (Tip: Convert the video into MP4 for fast upload)

Why Forum is Important

Hello Cabalistas,

Why it is necessary to register in Helixnetwork Forum? Here are the reasons why every Cabal Helix Online player need to register in the forum:

1. Formality - This is the place where you can formally raise your questions. Our forum have different sections where you can post your questions, suggestions or request formally.

2. Engagement - Forum members can engage to any discussions posted in the forum. Here you can interact with other Cabal Helix Online players even without logging-in in the game. Forum is the good place to  know each other and make friends. You can also communicate to the admin ( Mark Martinez) via forum.

3. Guide and Tutorials - Forum provides basic guides and tutorials for players. It helps assists players as it goes along playing the game. You can raise questions if you think the provided guide is not enough or enlightened you.

4.Marketplace - Forum provides  market sections for specific job classes. In this way, players can still vend while not playing in-game.

Note: Account Selling and Buying is still prohibited. You can only sell consumable items, armory sets and weapons.

5. Promotion - Forum provides you the opportunity to promote your guild or your character. Use your character name as username.

6. Avoid Misleading - Announcement, official sites and pages are posted in the forum. You can make the forum as reference for any suspicious/hacking sites promoted in-game.

7. Reporting - Report a bug,hacking activity, cheating in the forum.

8. Events and Activities - Not only in-game, Game Masters and Admin will also conduct an event in the forum.

Cabal Helix Online forum is open to all Cabal lovers just be sure that spamming, trashtalking, posting non-English reply and thread is not your habit.

Re-Structured Helix Forum is Now Open

The long wait is over, Cabal Helix Online players can now interact to other players via forum. Registration is now open to new players.

As what [ADMIN] Mundus posted on his page status:

Dear Cabalist,

Please REGISTER now in FORUM while your favorite character name is still available before someone else gets it.

It is recommended to use your favorite main character name (in-game name) as your username.

Visit our forum http://helixnetwork.net/forums now before it's too late!

The forum will now be used mainly for event purposes, UNREGISTERED USERS will NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN the upcoming EVENTS.

IMPORTANT: Use VALID and WORKING E-MAIL only because you need to receive the activation code to ACTIVATE your account after the registration.

Thank you.


Forum Resructure and Clean-Up: In Progress

From: helixnetwork.net (the official Cabal Helix Online forum site )

 In the effort to revive the forum and promote it once again to enliven the Helix community, it is currentlly under clean-up process so don't get surprise if most of the threads and accounts (usernames) don't exist anymore.

Below are what's been done recently:
Delete spammer accounts and threads/posts - 95% done!
Delete old accounts with zero post - 100% done!
Delete old threads/posts (with few exceptions) - 90% done!
Revised human registration check - 100% done! Facebook Login integration - IN PROGRESS

 Let's have a fresh restart and this time please post or make threads only in the proper section. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.