How Hacker/Scammer Works

Hacking and Scamming accounts are rampant now in-game. Aside from that, others don't just hack your account,but sometimes they will delete all the character or if the account's items are account bound, they will sell it to the NPC's. Sad to say, I also suffer that kind of hacking activity. To be guided, here are some of the ways hackers do.

1. Keylogger - hackers may install keylogger on  public computer shops.As what mentioned on my previous post,keylogger will detect all the stroke you have enter in the computer. To prevent this, you can check if there are keylogger you can enter some shortcut keys like ALT+SHIFT+K or S (these are the common shortcuts for keylogger).

2. Modifying Files - This was happened before. The hacker modified the file (Cabal Theme) and added keylogger. So when someone download the file and apply the theme, the keylogger will also run. All the input strokes will be then received by the hacker via his email.

3. Impersonating as Game Master (GM)- Hackers do these in-game or out-game but with the same purpose. Because Cabal Helix has its own Facebook page , others used to create deceiving pages just like the Cabal Helix Official Page. Also, currently,there is a Mark Martinez impersonator sending facebook messages to Cabal Players asking for their account's username,password,secret code and email. Please be aware the ADMIN WILL NOT ASK INFORMATION LIKE THAT.

4. Buying - This was happened to me. Someone will say he will buy your account without a third party. He will then tell you that he sends the money already and he will just give the control no. if you will give him the code and other vital information of your account. But before that, he will scan a receipt from M Lhuillier or Cebuana Lhuillier stated there was the amount he sent, your name (he will ask this from you) ,your address and sender's name. BUT,those receipts are fake and say goodbye to your account.

Those are the ways hackers do get your account.. So please be aware of this. I may not put the entire details how they do it but I have showed you the main part of how they do it. Always bear in mind that Your Account, Your Responsibility.


  1. Dammit. . yesterday at 5:30 maybe I played at the internet shop, I was just searching for an item that time. . then after that this morning when i open my account i got shock that my honor points was decrease intstead of class 6 my class now is 2. . . damn. .i ask the players why did this happened, but they said it was just a bug. . but after i few hours i really check my alzzz it was 1.4 up billion. . i was in desert scream that time i was dueling this player name MrBuckers i think. . then i looked up my inventory i was shock that my alzz became 800M. .. then i started to think that my account was hack yesterday evening. . i really double check it . . is it possible that when I'm online they can log in to my account in different computer?? if that is true then I QUIT ! ! ! !

  2. Maybe, when you are not online, they will log in your account. Try to ask the shop attendant in the computer has keylogger and let him check it. Or don't play on that shop again.